Moving through phases of the Connecting People Study

p>We have now completed the recruitment phase of the Connecting People Intervention Study! We want to take this time to thank all of the agencies and workers involved in the study for your continued support toward the success of our recruitment and completion of the interviews themselves.  We have received some very positive feedback from a number of sources and we hope that this reflects your own experience of the study to date.

Making progressWe are pleased to announce that we completed more than 140 baseline interviews across the three subgroups: adults and older adults with mental health problems or learning disabilities. This would not have been possible without the support of all of the workers at the agencies.  We recognise in the changing climate of health and social services that there is tremendous pressure and we truly appreciate the time and hard work that everyone has put forth to support the success of the study.

It’s hard to believe but we will already be starting nine-month follow-up interviews with participants within the next couple of weeks! In addition to interviewing the individuals again to capture any changes during their time in the Connecting People Intervention, we will also be conducting semi-structured interviews with managers and workers in each agency. Through these interviews we aim to evaluate the process and experience of working within the CPI.

Thank you,

Sharon and Meredith

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