Delphi Consultation

This page allows you to participate in second part of the consultation stage of the Connecting People Study.

We have produced a second draft version of the Practice Guidance – a manual for health and social care workers which explains the intervention model and suggests ways in which to use it.  Changes have been made from the first draft based on the responses of individuals from the first stage of the Delphi Consultation.  We are asking individuals from a large range of backgrounds with diverse expertise to participate in the consultation process, with a view to gaining as many opinions and perspectives as possible.  Combined with focus groups, this will allow us to refine the draft Practice Guidance and ensure that it is fit for purpose as we start to train workers to use it.

We would very much like the input of anyone who is keen on contributing their ideas on how best we can improve this guidance.  The wider the range and the greater the number of opinions, the better. Therefore if you would like to participate, we would like your opinon!

The questionnaire can be downloaded here – Connecting People Consultation Questionnaire 2

The questionnaire has several pieces of information above each question box.  These are aimed at answering the questions and points made by individuals who also completed the first stage of the Delphi Consultation – if you are not one of these then just have a read through the points and continue to answer the questions having seen the materials for the first time.

Here is a link to the Information sheet about the Delphi process

The main body of the questionnaire focusses on the Practice Guidance – the manual which will help workers to understand and effectively use the Connecting People Intervention.  Please take some time to read through this and remember your initial reactions to the way in which is presented, the tone of the narrative, etc for when you come to fill in the questionnaire.

Here is a link to this document

A portion of the questionnaire focusses on the Fidelity Measures which will be used during the piloting of this intervention to ensure accuracy.  There are two sets of Fidelity Measures – one for the perspectives of service users, and one for workers’ perspectives.  These two documents mirror one another, and any changes that we make to one will be reflected by changes to the other.  Therefore you do not need to study both of them.

Fidelity measures – service users’ perspectives

Fidelity measures – workers’ perspectives:

We have also asked your opinions on the training that we will be offering the workers, and the information leaflet that we have drafted to give to service users who are considering participating in the intervention.

Issuu is an online document viewer and is the best way that we have found to share documents online.  However, if you are finding it hard to work with, then please let me know and I will email you over these documents as attachments.

Please let us know if you need any further information, or if you have any problems with this process. You can email

We would like to compare responses from all of our participants next week, so we would be very grateful if you could get any completed questionnaires back to us as soon as possible, ideally by Friday 29th June.  Please email them to

Thank you and we really hope to hear from some of you with your opinions of the Practice Guidance!


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