The Connecting People team have produced some training materials which can be used by practitioners to understand more about the model. They can also be used in formal training sessions or team meetings to discuss the practice in more depth. Alternatively, these resources are available for use as continuing professional development.

The materials have been organised around questions which practitioners may ask about different aspects of the Connecting People Intervention Model.

Accompanying each question is a short film clip with practitioners talking about the issue and a downloadable training exercise. It is best to view the film clip first and then use the training exercise individually or in facilitated groups.  The following video introduces the training and practice guidance:

Introduction to the Connecting People Intervention training materials.

Click this image to watch introduction video

Click image above to watch the introduction video

Dr Martin Webber Connecting People Intervention Explanation

The following links will take you to each page, though they can be accessed directly using the links under ‘training’ on the menu bar.

Question 1. How should I view the person that I am working with?

Question 2. How can I manage boundaries with an individual?

Question 3.How can I keep building on my own community knowledge?

Question 4. How do I overcome barriers faced by working in this way?

Question 5. How do I identify in what areas I can best help an individual?

Question 6. How can I get someone to try something new?

Question 7. How can I help someone to move on?

Question 8. How can I link an individual to someone new?

Question 9. How can I help the individual to overcome barriers?

Question 10. What kind of environment works best?

Question 11. How does this fit with our existing practice?

Question 12. How can our agency form better links with our community?

The films have been created by Trafford Community TV in partnership with the Connecting People team. We are very grateful to the NIHR School for Social Care Research for funding the development of these training materials


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