Agency Highlight: Way Forward Programme

Way Forward

Photo Credit: Stephen Chapman

Researcher Meredith recently visited the Way Forward Programme in Isle of Wight, a third sector agency which promotes development opportunities for people with learning disabilities and others who need support to maintain good mental health.  Way Forward, led by Lee White, has been rapidly expanding its services across the island.

On this particular day there was much activity!  The day centre hosted more than 30 individuals throughout the day and they were engaged with activities ranging from building and painting props for their upcoming performance of Mama Mia, to taking a dance and aerobics course, to learning new computer games with staff.  The centre was also visited by a small group of women who made a donation to the charity (cheque pictured above!). Robert Evans, brother of a service user, also visited the centre that day. Robert is running the London Marathon 2013 on behalf of the Way Forward Programme.  If you’d like to donate to his marathon fundraising for the charity email:


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