Connecting People in the media

Earlier this week, Martin our principle investigator was informed that a short article that he had written recently was now up on the Mental Health Care website. The article gives a concise introduction to the workings of the Connecting People model, as well as touching on the social capital theory that lies behind it.

The Mental Health Care website provides reliable information for the friends and family of people with psychosis – aiming to be a source that avoids some of the inaccurate and stigmatising information that the internet can be riddled with.

You can read and download the article here

Our article has been placed as a download in the ‘recovery’ section, where we feel that it fits perfectly.  We are lucky that it has been one of the top downloads this week from the site.  It is great to see that the families and friends of individuals with psychosis – a group of people that can be so key to the success of the Connecting People Intervention – are clearly interested in what we are doing.

We hope that you will be seeing a lot more about the study across various websites and forms of media.  Indeed, if you have an idea of a website, initiative, or social media platform that you believe we could be taking advantage of to further publicise our work, please do get in touch by contacting us.






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