Training Activities

We are in the midst of training 15 agencies in the Connecting People Intervention for the Pilot Study.  The agencies are diverse, ranging from small third sector social enterprises to large NHS Mental Health Trusts.  Yet across all sites there has been a unifying message that the model accurately reflects current practice and equally illuminates both the areas where workers excel in enhancing social participation with individuals and the current challenges that are faced by health and social care workers.

We have found that each agency team is unique in their approach to working within the model and therefore our training sessions have been greatly adapted to fit the strengths and needs of each agency.  Similarly to the development of the model itself, the training sessions have been co-produced between the research and agency teams in an effort to maximise the model’s utility for individual workers.

Over the coming weeks we will be sharing some of the training activities we found particularly beneficial.  We hope that by sharing our experience the agencies involved in the pilot study will be better equipped to use the activities when training new staff and take the intervention forward throughout the duration of the study (and beyond!).


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