Technology and the intervention

For today’s blog post, Ian talks about how the work he has done with the Connecting People team has created a sleeker, more engaging set of materials.

“The team have been and continue to be involved with the training of agencies across the country in how to implement the Connecting People model.

To aid this process we have created a PowerPoint presentation to be delivered at these sessions. The presentation incorporates a narration by the Connecting People team and animated sequences which help to communicate the different elements involved in the model. 

We have recently held a meeting with an advisory group which highlighted areas in which this could be improved. The comments of the advisory group were appreciated and the team are currently looking at ways to incorporate these improvements into the presentation. 

You can view a draft version of the model here: Connecting People Presentation V4 Please note that this is only a draft and has yet to be finalised and approved.

In addition to this, as part of the agency training sessions we ask them to create their own version of the model that applies to their organisation. 


This is done on flip chart paper to encourage constant amending and editing during the course of the training.  After the training, these rough drafts of models are taken and fitted to the powerpoint slide depicting the model, providing each agency with a bespoke version of the intervention that they can really work with. 

These are just a couple of the ways in which we are using IT and technology to work better with the intervention”.

…and after!


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