Catching up with BlueSCI in a very grey-skied Manchester

I (Hannah) braved the hail-storms, wind and rain and spent the early part of this week in Manchester, at the Old Trafford centre of BlueSCI.  I talked to lots of people there to deepen my understanding of the data that we have already collected there, and was lucky enough to also be able to get involved with a few groups (thank you to all of you who were so inclusive in the Monday craft and Tuesday writing groups!). 

Everyone who I spoke to has been incredibly useful, with lots of interesting takes on my questions which will definitely serve to refine our intervention further.  I particularly focussed on examining the process of moving people that access the service on to new opportunities, which is integral to the success of a setup like BlueSCI. 

 This week’s visit was really an exploratory one for me, getting a feel for the centre and talking to as many different people as possible. I will be returning next week from Monday to Wednesday to visit the new branch out at Partington, as well as having a look at the much talked-about Digital Organics exhibition at Sale Waterside (see the link below).

If anyone would like to talk to me about their views of BlueSCI whilst I am up with you all next week, then please get in touch via this blog as it would be great to hear your views. I have come back to the Big Smoke much more familiar with BlueSCI (and proudly sporting a gorgeous rose corsage made in the craft group!), and am very much looking forward to carrying on with the research there next week.  BlueSCI, you brightened up my week!


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